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Cepillos tipo "ME"

Gesswein miniature mandrel-mounted end brushes are available in a wide variety of sizes. One-piece ferrule construction ensures that the stem and ferrule will not become separated during use. Plastic ferrules are available to prevent scratching when used for interior polishing work. In the table below, please note that those brushes with a style number containing the letter “P” have plastic ferrules, which are slightly larger than stated diameter. All other ferrules are metal. Hard and soft bristle types are made of animal hair. Nylon end brushes consist of 0.018" strands of 500 grit silicon carbide. Our .003" wire end brushes are straight while .005" diameter wire end brushes are crimped. Maximum operating speed: 15,000rpm. Items with asterisk also available on 3mm shanks. Made in USA.
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